DCitizens selected two projects answering our Call for Collaborative Projects. DCitizens were looking for projects that would use digital technologies to promote positive social change in Lisbon.

Project 1: Balcão do Bairro

This project aims to empower communities and individuals at risk of social exclusion to leverage the full potential of e-government platforms. We will support a social initiative led by the Intercultural European Club and Aga Khan Foundation. “Balcão do Bairro” is a network of in-person walk-in service desks managed and targeted at vulnerable communities in Lisbon. Together, we will design, develop, and evaluate a digital platform alongside community members to support workers and citizens accessing e-government services. 

Project 2: ComPartilhar

This project aims to support an innovative social programme, the Community Sponsorship of Refugees, led by the Portuguese Refugee Council, which pairs Portuguese families with refugees to make them active citizens of society.  Families can provide refugees with a safe home, financial support, language and cultural learning, and access to education and employment. In this project, we will engage with these communities in the design of a digital platform that encourages and facilitates the inclusion of refugees through the Community Sponsorship program.

Future DCitizens Calls for Collaborative Projects 

The DCitizens project will launch a yearly Call for Collaborative Projects in the next two years (2024 and 2025). These projects are intended to address meaningful problems or opportunities of community-based organisations. We expect projects to make a positive social change through digital technologies. Future Calls for Collaborative projects are planned for March 2024 and March 2025.