We are thrilled to announce the release of the much-anticipated video showcasing the DCITIZENS project. The video provides an insightful guide to the project, its objectives, and the transformative impact it aims to achieve in the realm of Digital Civics.

DCitizens is a pioneering European initiative centred around fostering research and innovation in Digital Civics in Lisbon. Digital Civics is a multidisciplinary field that advocates for using digital technologies to empower citizens and non-state actors in co-creating, shaping agendas, making decisions about service provision, and ensuring the sustainability and resilience of such endeavours.

In today’s fast-paced world, digital technologies have transformed various aspects of our lives, from education and work to shopping and public service engagement. However, the development of these technologies has often lacked a citizen-centric approach. DCitizens seeks to rectify this issue by advocating for the active involvement of citizens as co-creators of the future digital society and economy.

To address these challenges, DCITIZENS endeavours to shift from transactional to relational development models, reconfiguring power relations between citizens, communities, and institutions. This paradigm shift necessitates long-term engagement, participation, and co-creation of digital technologies with local communities and citizens.

It is essential to prioritize the needs of citizens and communities in technological development and create avenues for their active participation. DCitizens stands at the forefront of implementing a new development model, empowering local communities to shape the research agenda and priorities. By reconfiguring the power dynamics between academia and citizens, the project aims to allow individuals to steer technological innovation towards a better future.

We invite you to watch the DCITIZENS project video, now available on our website. Join us in this groundbreaking endeavour as we work towards a more inclusive, citizen-driven digital society.