The DCitizens project recently concluded a highly productive meeting in Siegen, Germany, from November 21 to 23, 2023.

Internal Project Meeting: Progress, Challenges, and Planning Ahead

The first and third days of the meeting were dedicated to an internal project discussion. The partners delved into the progress made so far, current challenges faced, and the strategic planning of activities for the upcoming year. Key issues such as project milestones, ongoing challenges, and the mid-term review were addressed to ensure the project’s success and efficacy.

Advisory Board Meeting with Distinguished Guests

Day two witnessed an advisory board meeting featuring esteemed figures in the field: John Vines from the University of Edinburgh, Lizzie Coles-Kemp from Royal Holloway University of London, and John Richards from IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. The DCitizens team presented an overview of the project and provided progress reports to the advisory board, followed by a comprehensive discussion on the plan for the upcoming year.

Early-Stage Career Training Empowers PhD Students

The early-stage career training conducted on the first two days was a significant aspect of the meeting. Eleven PhD students, including nine from Instituto Superior Técnico, participated in six training sessions. The sessions covered various aspects of Participatory Research, including trust, resilience, bias, and power structures. Additionally, students visited FabLab Siegen and PraxLabs, gaining practical insights into communal co-design and making. The training sessions provided a unique opportunity for the students to engage with diverse topics and gain practical skills in Participatory Research.

Closing Session Wraps Up Successful Meeting

The meeting concluded on the third day with a closing session, including a consortium meeting report, an ESR training report, and discussions about commissioning ESR training. The collaborative efforts of the DCitizens project partners in Siegen set a strong foundation for continued success in their mission to advance Participatory Research.