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Commissioning Model

DCitizens supports projects led by citizens and communities that aim to create positive social change through the use of digital technologies. We achieve this goal by providing a commissioning model for collaborative projects between communities and the DCitizens consortium. The model is grounded on two main pillars: civic events, and the annual commissioning call.

Civics Events

The series of civic events aim to bring together a diverse group of participants from academia, industry, the public, and the third sector to discuss, connect, and collaborate on tackling key social issues. The outcomes of these events will help shape a research and innovation agenda and inform project proposals.

Next civic event: TBA
Previous civic event: January 2023

Annual Commissioning Call

Following the civic events, we invite community-based organisations in the greater Lisbon area to submit proposals. DCitizens will match proposal needs with consortium resources and engage in a one-year collaborative project.

Next call: March 2024
Previous call: March 2023
Supported projects: ComPartilhar, Balcão do Bairro

What DCitizens is Looking for in Collaborative Projects

Dcitizens seeks innovative collaborative projects from community-based organisations in the greater Lisbon area that aim to make positive social change through digital technologies. Projects can be up to 12 months in length.
Collaborative projects should align with the DCitizens challenge areas:

Inclusive Education

Digital technologies are increasingly used for education and training. What educational practices and digital tools can ensure equitable access and inclusive experiences?

Social Cohesion

Social cohesion is the glue that holds society together. How can technologies build trust and civic health rather than outrage and division?

Sustainable Living

Technologies are increasingly used to address climate change. How can climate technologies help us deal with the devastating consequences of climate change?

Digital Healthcare

We use computers to manage, monitor, and improve our health. How can computing technology be used to support equitable health services for all?

How DCitizens will Support the Collaborative Projects

DCitizens will match project needs with consortium resources and partner with community-based organisations. We will select the maximum number of projects based on the specifics of each project and available resources (e.g., human resources, financial resources, technical and infrastructure resources).
We envision multiple ways DCitizens can provide support:

  • Developing novel services and products (e.g., mobile apps, websites, interactive objects).
  • Training and upskilling of digital skills.
  • Guidance in discovering and deploying technologies in novel contexts.
  • Support in attracting additional funding to implement a project.
  • Evaluate the impact of digital technologies on social practices.
  • Build connections with industry, academic institutions, and other relevant partners.
  • Desk research.