DCitizens aims to foster Digital Civics research and innovation in Lisbon.

Digital Civics is a cross-disciplinary field that posits the use of technology to empower citizens and non-state actors to co-create, take an active role in shaping agendas, make decisions about service provision, and make such provisions sustainable and resilient. Particularly how digital technologies can scaffold a move from transactional to relational service models and the potential of such models to reconfigure power relations between citizens, communities, and institutions.

Work Packages

Work Package 1 (WP1) – Short-term staff exchanges

Lead: Instituto Superior Técnico (IST)
Participants: Istituto Italino di Tecnologia (IIT), Northumbria University (UNN), University of Siegen (USI)
The goal of WP1 is to foster the interchange of scientific knowledge between Twinning partners in line with four strategic areas in Digital Civics: 1) Community- based Research Methods, 2) Emerging Technologies, 3) Design Justice, and 4) Civics, Policy, and Economic Models. The planned visits also include exchanging administrative staff to improve project management skills at IST.

WP2 – Organisation of joint events

Lead: UNN
Participants: IIT, IST, USI
In WP2, the consortium will organise scientific events such as summer schools, lecture series and international scientific workshops.

WP3 – Enhancing the scientific profile of ESR

Lead: USI
Participants: IIT, IST, UNN
The main goal of WP3 is to enhance the Early Stage Researchers’ careers. It is specifically targeted at ESRs, and its purpose is to promote the research potential of PhD and final-year MSc students. DCitizens will support participation in international conferences, networking activities, and training to create opportunities for external mentoring activities and international collaborations.

WP4 – Commissioning Digital Civics Research in Lisbon

Lead: IST
Participants: IIT, UNN, USI
WP4 will apply the knowledge, expertise, and supporting technologies of the Twinning partners through short-term Digital Civics Research Case Studies. We will deploy an open commissioning programme supported by a series of civic events with local communities. The Research Case Studies will help establish and inform the Digital Civics Agenda while providing examples of this work. We will publish a yearly call for proposals of Case Studies to be led by academics within the Twinning institutions and civic organisations in Lisbon.

WP5 – Strengthening the research management capacity

Lead: IIT
Participants: IST
The goal of WP5 is to increase the research management skills at IST and create a new Research Management Unit. We will define the priority areas in which the Research Management Unit will act and implement a set of actions. Moreover, we will define a training plan to upskill research staff in Lisbon.

WP6 – Dissemination, communication, and outreach

Lead: IST
Participants: IIT, UNN, USI
WP6 aims to give visibility to the project through activities targeted at multiple audiences. All the tasks will involve ESRs, allowing them to strengthen their dissemination skills. These activities will be linked to the civic events in WP4.

WP7 – Project management

Lead: IST
Participants: IIT, UNN, USI
The goal of WP7 is the execution of a sound project through planning and monitoring activities, financial management, and reporting to the
European Commission (EC).


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