Empowering Citizens with and through Digital Technologies

about the project

DCitizens aims to foster Digital Civics research and innovation in Lisbon. Digital Civics is a cross-disciplinary field that posits the use of technology to empower citizens and non-state actors to co-create, take an active role in shaping agendas, make decisions about service provision, and make such provisions sustainable and resilient. Particularly how digital technologies can scaffold a move from transactional to relational service models and the potential of such models to reconfigure power relations between citizens, communities, and institutions.

latest news & events

Seminar Series: Anna R L Carter

Speaker Anna Carter is an Innovation Fellow at Northumbria University she has extensive experience in designing technologies for local council regeneration programs, her work focuses on creating accessible digital experiences in a variety of contexts using human-centred methods and participatory design. She works on building Digital Civics research capacities of early career researchers as part of…

Seminar Series: Clara Kilman-Silver

Speaker Clara Kliman-Silver is a Staff UX Researcher at Google, where she leads a research team focused on design tools, designer-developer collaboration, and the emergent role of artificial intelligence in the design process. Her research interests lie in computer-supported cooperative work, the role of AI in productivity tools, and enterprise technologies. Before Google, she worked as…
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DCitizens Siegen Knowledge Exchange

The DCitizens team will be getting together in Siegen for a Knowledge Exchange Event from the 19th to 20th of June 2024. The event will include seminar talks and group discussions. Wednesday 19th June Morning (10am – 12pm CET): Wednesday 19th June Afternoon (3PM – 4.30PM, CET): Seminar Talks: Pedro Ferreira Posthumanist Care and Ecologies…


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