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DCitizens aims to foster Digital Civics research and innovation in Lisbon. Digital Civics is a cross-disciplinary field that posits the use of technology to empower citizens and non-state actors to co-create, take an active role in shaping agendas, make decisions about service provision, and make such provisions sustainable and resilient. Particularly how digital technologies can scaffold a move from transactional to relational service models and the potential of such models to reconfigure power relations between citizens, communities, and institutions.

latest news & events

Seminar Series: Firaz Peer

Abstract Successfully making civic datasets accessible to communities involves more than hosting them on a website. There are entire infrastructures that need to be aligned to ensure that those who need these datasets can access them in a timely, usable, and efficient manner. In this article, I use interviews and data ethnographies to draw attention…

DCitizens partners with Umeå University

Ana Henriques, a researcher at the Interactive Technologies Institute working on the DCitizens project, travelled to Umeå University in Sweden, where Professor Teresa Almeida, an international collaborator of ITI, welcomed her. Her visit revolved around the Material Intersections lecture series, during which Ana delivered an open lecture, conducted a participatory workshop, and participated in a…

Empowering early stage researchers at ASSETS 2023

The DCitizens Project has taken a significant stride in supporting the participation of its junior researchers in the highly acclaimed ASSETS 2023 Conference. This endeavour aligns seamlessly with the project’s mission, particularly under Work Package 3, which is geared toward enhancing the scientific profile of early-stage researchers at the Interactive Technologies Institute. ASSETS 2023, being…